Al-Shaya group contains five different schools,
the oldest is Al-Jameel Private School, founded in (1960) One of the most well-established schools in Kuwait,
followed by the English School for Girls, founded in (1993) by Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Shaya,
the school depends on the british curriculum.
The Academy School was opened in (2004) includes kindergarten and primary (mixed), intermediate and secondary (mixed) stage.
Finally, the last school opened by alshaya group was Oxford Academy School in (1991).
All of Al-Shayaa Schools are dedicated to ensure the upbringing of religiously conservative and patriotic generation. A one that is capable of keeping pace with all of modern-day developments and advances in furtherance of building a prosperous tomorrow..

Alshaya Schools Establishing started in 1960 and was an extension of the achievements that have been


Education has an important role in broadening human horizons and perceptions..It was previously said that knowledge is light

The English School For Girls – Kuwait
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International Academy of Kuwait
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Oxford Academy
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Arab Modern Academy
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Al Jameel Private School
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Preparing an open, intellectually distinguished, complex, wonderful, excellent, and very comfortable generation in the field of work, public life in a positive way, adapted to its age, with an emphasis on respecting human rights, and rejecting intolerance and violence..


School administrators aim to:
– Practice classroom and none-classroom activities to form an integrated student personality
– Develop the student’s talents, encouraging them to be creative and motivating them towards participation in various activities and competitions
– Using active learning strategies to ensure the effectiveness of the educational system
– professional development for all teachers in light of the national vision for education
– Using modern technology in teaching and learning
– Activating the community participation between the school and the community
– Instilling the sense of belonging and responsibility for learners
– Instilling the spirit of citizenship and love among members of the school community
– Instilling good values ​​and morals among learners

Why Our Schools are the Right Fit for Your Child ?

Allows Students to interact with other Students Socially, Academically, and Emotionally.

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