Alshaya Group of Schools comprises 5 educational institutions and has for several decades now provided a solid foundation for learning for children of all ages. The Group’s rich portfolio of schools provides parents and students with all-encompassing learning experiences for every need.

Our British curriculum schools are accredited by Cambridge, and offer students internationally-acknowledged IGCSE and AS-level certification. The English School for Girls (ESG), one of our schools providing this certification, is Kuwait’s first English school of its kind, offering a British curriculum to an exclusively female student body.

Alternatively, our Al Jameel Private School and Arab Modern Academy offer an exclusively Arabic syllabus and educational programme.

At Alshaya Group of Schools, we pride ourselves on offering holistic, all-encompassing learning experiences for all educational needs and preferences, for students of all backgrounds. Appreciating the uniqueness of the individual is at the heart of what we do, and our schools offer your child everything they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

In terms of the tuition fee spectrum, our Group is tuned to your every need. We believe your child deserves the best education they can receive, and have priced our modules with that philosophy in mind.

Alshaya Schools Establishing started in 1960 and was an extension of the achievements that have been


Education has an important role in broadening human horizons and perceptions..It was previously said that knowledge is light

Oxford Academy
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International Academy of Kuwait
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The English School For Girls – Kuwait
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Al Jameel Private School
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Arab Modern Academy
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The Alshaya Group of schools, although uniquely different, share one distinct Vision. To provide an all-round educational experience that prepares our students for the world of opportunities that exists in today’s modern global society as socially developed lifelong learners.


The Alshaya schools provide through their curriculum, infrastructure, environment and dedicated professional teams the learning experience which allows all its students to grow and develop with the school. We focus not only on their educational progress but also their personal and social development. Providing each of our students with the opportunities to become well rounded World Citizens, with the skills and respect to not only contribute, but to fully embrace the career paths they choose to follow.

Why Our Schools are the Right Fit for Your Child ?

Allows Students to interact with other Students Socially, Academically, and Emotionally.

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